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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the website of NK Co., Ltd.

We develop our business in the historical community of Adachi-ku, Tokyo, centered on three core technologies: "ultra-precision digital cutting", "high-quality sewing", and "high-value-added detail finishing", centering on leather materials. is a company that

In the 20 years since our founding in 2002, we have fulfilled a wide range of customer demands through planning, design, and manufacturing, from consumer products such as fashion accessories such as bags and wallets and office equipment, to industrial products such as vehicle interiors and amusement materials. I have become. Although we were a latecomer as a manufacturer, we propose manufacturing that is not preconceived, and we have a wide range of customers, including famous overseas fashion brands, furniture brands, and major domestic automobile manufacturers. Since the beginning of 2020, the business performance has maintained an upward trend even after the corona disaster, and the sales performance in 2022 was 167% compared to the previous year. First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the community formed by suppliers and partner companies within a 30km radius from our Adachi-ku head office factory.

At NK, the current factory manager, Chixiong Zhang, was faced with financial difficulties at his place of work at the time, and he had no relatives in his home country of China. to this day. Since its founding, our company has maintained a policy of hiring and employment that does not discriminate against nationality, origin, or gender. Whether it's local housewives or foreigners, everyone has spent time improving their skills and building high quality in a diverse work environment. As a result, our "defect rate" is 0.01%.

In recent years, we have further reduced the use of molds, which is an industry custom for bag manufacturing, and have been promoting ultra-precision cutting manufacturing while minimizing the use of iron, which is a precious earth resource. In addition, we are strongly committed to building a value chain together with our customers and suppliers, with a management stance of achieving traceability of the production background for animal welfare and minimizing the disposal of scrap materials toward the realization of biodiversity. We are pushing forward.

In 2022, we will achieve a complete switch to 100% renewable energy, mainly solar power, for factory operation energy, and we are shifting to a system that contributes to carbon neutrality.

Aiming for the world's best technology, to technology that contributes to the world.

We look forward to hearing from you, who have not seen us yet.



At NK, we have created a wide variety of products such as bags, accessories, office supplies, interior goods, etc. with unconventional ideas and precise processing technology. We have a proven track record.

​In addition to consumer products, our unique technology is utilized in scenes that are difficult for people to see and industrial materials used in commercial facilities.



Based on our own policy, we thoroughly operate the following facilities.

1. LED lights are used throughout the facility. Approximately 50% lower power consumption and 40 times longer life than incandescent lamps.

2. The entire facility operates with 100% renewable energy such as domestic solar and wind power.

3. We are making thorough efforts to minimize the amount of energy used company-wide.

4. There is no use or disposal of water in the process.

5. Exterior wall specifications are used to increase albeto (reflection of solar heat).



Conventional Press Cutter  


COMELZ Digital cutter CAD/CAM 


Work space


Foil stamper


Conventional Press Cutter  


6 Sewing machines


Work space


Notice for employees, visitors


At NK Co., Ltd., we have installed a document at the factory entrance that is easily visible to business operators, employees, and customers in order to thoroughly implement company policies and work regulations.


■Company name

NK Co., Ltd.

■ Location

3-9-12 Higashiayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo


June 18, 2009

■ Business content

Handbags, bags, accessories manufacturing processing, planning and manufacturing wholesale / novelty planning and manufacturing / CAD/CAM / precision cutting / manufacturing and processing consulting

■ Main business partners

​Toray Industries, Inc. / Toray Ultrasuede Marketing Co., Ltd. / Cassina IXC Co., Ltd. / Issey Miyake Co., Ltd. / Turtle Co., Ltd. / Yamaplus Co., Ltd. / Takaaki Co., Ltd. / Lamac Co., Ltd. / Eucalyptus Trading Co., Ltd. / Marubeni Fashion Link Co., Ltd. / Kurokochi Design Office Co., Ltd. / Furanbo Co., Ltd. / Moriden Co., Ltd. / Office R Co., Ltd. / JUKI Co., Ltd. / Others

■ Bank

​ Tokyo Higashi Shinkin Bank Ayase Branch / Kameari Shinkin Bank Ayase Branch / Mizuho Bank Ayase Branch




Kenji Nakamura

1971 Born in Adachi Ward, Tokyo.

1988 Graduated from a metropolitan high school.

In 1988, he joined his family's construction company and worked as a construction manager and group leader.

In 1995, he joined Zambi Kiko Co., Ltd. and worked in sales, machine maintenance, processing, accounting, and as an officer.

2002 Became a sole proprietor, selling independent machines and supporting bag factories.
2009 Established NK Co., Ltd.


​Factory Manager

Shixiong Zhang 

1980 Born in Heilongjiang, China.

2000 Visited Japan
Graduated from a Japanese language school in 2001.
2004 Graduated from business school. 
Graduated from Urawa University Junior College in 2006.
2008 Graduated from Sanno University Faculty of Business Information.

2008: Employed as a production manager at a bag manufacturer.
Joined NK Co., Ltd. in 2009.
After joining the company, he learned all the processing from cutting to sewing, and strives to improve production quality through smooth communication with partner companies using Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.


Outside Director​

Kosuke Okada 

1978 Born in Kanagawa prefecture.

2002 Kyocera Corporation.

2007 Lives in Germany Business management and business integration of 9 businesses including renewable energy across Europe.

After returning to Japan, developed non-plastic materials at a venture company and supervised overseas business.

2021Established SISON'S Co., Ltd. Representative Director.

In 2023, he was appointed as an outside director of NK Co., Ltd.



2001 Individual business opening

Started sales and maintenance business for industrial sewing machines

2002 Started handbag parts coloring business

2003 Started handbag parts cutting business

2004 Started special cutting and digital cutting business

2006 Began providing technical guidance for coloring and polishing to overseas factories of fashion accessory manufacturers

2007 Started the world's first car seat perforation processing for a major automobile manufacturer

    Collaboration with a major US leather tanner for the automotive market

Providing applied technology to special digital cutting machine manufacturer COMELZ

2008 Start of special cutting business for amusement related products

2009 Established NK Co., Ltd.

2010 Expanded supply of special cutting products to the fashion industry, including designer brands

2011 Head office relocation

(New company building in Higashiayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo)

2012 Technical guidance to a major overseas automobile seat manufacturer

2013 Increased orders from major textile manufacturers

2014 Started leather drawing process, established original manufacturing method

     Increase orders from automobile manufacturers and electronic device manufacturers

2015 Guidance on perforation processing technology to a German special machinery manufacturer

2016 Established a sewing factory in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, assumed the position of representative, provided technical guidance, and started mass production

2017 Started special cutting processing for furniture for major interior brands

(Sofa core materials, desk pads, remnants upcycled product production, etc.)

2020: Focusing on supporting neighboring producers and communities in Adachi Ward due to the COVID19 whirlwind

2021 Started preparations for B-Corp certification

2022 Introduction of 100% renewable energy at the head office factory

2023 July B-Corp Certification



``Coexist with the natural environment and local communities, and make it a management goal whether or not we can fulfill our responsibilities, and make it the axis of all decision-making.''

For us, whose original business was manufacturing products such as bags using animal skins, we cannot avoid facing animals, the natural environment, and biodiversity. On the other hand, if I were to say that I was able to solve the many problems I faced as a result of my daily efforts, I would have to say that I am far from reaching that point.

How can we return the value that can only be created in the information society and globalization to the universal natural environment and our local communities? We will continue to face each other every day so that NK's manufacturing technology and experience can contribute.

■What is a company? What is a business?

Many of the phenomena that surround us are overwhelmingly not the result of the natural environment, society, and companies striking a balance. For example, although Japan is an economically developed country, the food self-sufficiency rate* is extremely low compared to other countries*, and the import penetration rate of clothing is extremely high**. We live in a world where we can hardly understand what it is.

We take full responsibility for the business model that NK builds, the day-to-day operations, and the circumstances under which the products that arise from it are produced, and through what kind of supply chain they are delivered to our customers. We will explain and provide it to you. Beyond that, we will continue to create benefits not only for our own business, but also for various stakeholders.


As NK has done so far, if your company's unique perspectives and practices bring benefits to the same industry and other industries, sharing and coexisting with them should be considered as a company's benefit. , is the true uniqueness of NK.

*Reference: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, **Reference: Japan Chemical Fibers Association


■Company Philosophy

1. Pursue the improvement of sewing technology and quality that contributes to society.


1. Deepen the education required for a sustainable society and the global environment, and realize it through business.

1. Pursue physical and mental happiness, mental freedom, and personal freedom for employees, their families, children, and everyone involved with NK.  

■ Practical General Rules


In putting our corporate philosophy into practice, we propose products and services that are suitable for the situations of various stakeholders, such as daily life, society, and the global environment, and use them as means to achieve better things. To that end, the following rules apply to management, technology and quality, dealing with business partners, and the work environment.



In order for our employees to be healthy in mind and body, and to manage the company in a flexible and flexible manner over the long term, we aim for management with diversity and a sense of balance, and build a system to prevent fraud and corruption. In order to maintain soundness, we will do our best to maintain transparency by actively engaging in mutual communication both inside and outside the company so as not to be bound by existing concepts and customs.

Technology and Quality Principles

With the aim of minimizing defects, shortening and optimizing working hours to realize a healthier work environment and the happiness of each individual, and solving the labor shortage, we are not only relying on craftsmen's handwork technology, but also mechanization. also actively work on Similarly, we aim to realize and contribute to local communities and the sewing industry.


Dealing with business partners (customers/suppliers, all business partners)

Proposing manufacturing that contributes to global environmental conservation and biodiversity. Proposing manufacturing that minimizes waste. We propose manufacturing that does not violate human rights. Confirm that the number of transactions falling under these proposals improves year by year.



Employees cooperate with each other and greet each other with a smile. When handling machinery and equipment, ensure safety first and communicate with each other. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind, including race, origin, gender, and sexual orientation. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind.

■ Legal General Rules


All employees will thoroughly comply with laws and regulations, and we will also share our policy on legal compliance with our business partners. Harmonize with the sustainable development goals that the world is aiming for in terms of diversity, equality, and inclusiveness related to basic human rights. Support socially vulnerable people who are not served by government services such as national and local governments. In order to optimize the work environment within the company, we aim to create an environment where employees and contractors can express their opinions easily and where work styles and employee composition are diverse.

■ General Accounting Rules

In order to realize all-inclusive management while promoting the managerial mindset and ability development of each employee, we will appropriately share the financial results and disclosure with the management team and employees in a timely and accurate manner. On top of that, the following are the implementation points.


1.Understanding and sharing of major monthly financial results information

2. Balancing and improving the morals and work quality of accounting and finance staff

3. Implementation of budget and actual management by all employees and improvement of moral governance awareness

4. Return profits in a way that contributes to society, employees, and the global environment.

5. Build a process that prevents fraud

6.Profit and pay taxes steadily


■ Procurement general rules


In order to revitalize the neighborhood of NK, promote the economy, and improve the standard of living, we will basically procure from small and medium-sized companies in the neighborhood. If it is determined that you cannot comply, be sure to ask for instructions from your superior. As a general rule, this procurement ratio for the entire company is always 70% or more. At the time of procurement, confirm the following points. If confirmation cannot be made by the time of procurement, clarify the reason and ask for the superior's judgment. Set a deadline, draw a roadmap to achieve the goal, and check the progress to achieve it.


1. Confirmation of moral and ethical management (confirm whether there is forced labor for employees, inappropriate wages, and inappropriate employment such as child labor)

2. Confirmation of global environmental impact, confirmation of certification

3. Confirmation of quantitative indicators for reducing global environmental impact

4. Confirmation of biodiversity conservation and confirmation of certification

5. Confirmation of quantitative indicators for biodiversity conservation

6. Confirmation of how to contribute to society, confirmation of certification acquisition

7. Confirmation of quantitative indicators for social contribution

8. Check whether the above 1 to 7 are understood by upstream suppliers

9. Confirmation of independent capital management

10. Confirmation that you are not an anti-social organization

■ Whistleblowing


All employees, including directors and officers of NK, can contact the designated contact point at any time if they find a violation of the above, or a finding that seems to conflict with the law, not limited to the above. Whistleblowers will be properly screened, and whistleblowers and their cooperators in investigations will not be dismissed or treated unfavorably (disciplinary action, demotion, salary reduction, etc.) on the grounds of whistleblowing. If it becomes clear that the whistleblower, etc. has been treated unfairly, measures will be taken to remedy and recover.



■ Revised rules


Any revisions to the above policies shall be made with the written consent of shareholders, directors and employee representatives.



"Mechanism to keep creating impact = About NK's core business model"

NK's identity, ultra-precision cutting and processing technology and equipment maintenance technology, creates a temporary and lasting impact.

Engineering technology and equipment maintenance technology create an impact that will not end with a temporary effect.




Media coverage

Senken Newspaper 2023/10/26


Nikkei Newspaper 2023/9/30


WWD JP 2023/9/26



■ Part-time/Temporary Work


Recruiting staff for product processing and sewing of handbags and accessories

Work location: Higashi-Ayase Head Office or Ayase Factory

Working hours: 9:00-17:15 (Working hours to be discussed)

Holidays and vacations Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays Year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week Annual holidays

Employment benefits Employment insurance Social insurance


・People who like making things

・ People who like to communicate with others

​・Those who want to learn SGDs and improve their skills

・No experience necessary (All our staff started out with no experience, so please feel free to apply)

・There are no hiring conditions based on nationality, origin, gender, sexual orientation, etc. We welcome anyone who can help create a diverse workplace.

Recruitment period: Always


Please send your application to the CONTACT address above or to . Please do not use commercially available resumes.


・Name (surname, first name, furigana)

·date of birth


・A phone number where you can be contacted at all times

・Career history (educational history and work history)

■ Sales planning


Application requirements (not necessary to meet all)


・Those who have sales experience

・Experience in management planning

・Experience in business strategy positions

・Those who have experience in technical or manufacturing work

・Those who have experience in finance and accounting

・ Those who like to communicate with people, those who can take the initiative in communication

・ Those who are strongly interested in new businesses that realize SDGs through business

・Those who have communication skills in Japanese and English


Nationality, origin, gender, sexual orientation, etc., are not part of the recruitment criteria. We welcome those who can realize various workplaces.

Application period: August to November 2023


If you have more than one of the above, please fill out the following contents, create a resume and work history, and contact the person in charge ( please reply.Please do not use commercially available resumes.


・Name (surname, first name, furigana)

·date of birth


・A phone number where you can be contacted at all times

・Career (educational background, work history)

・Core skills (skills based on work experience and skills based on self-improvement)


・What you want to achieve within 3 years at NK

・The goal of the SDGs that you are most aware of in your experience and the reason for it

·Hobbies & Skills

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